My approach to therapy is to get a picture of your problems or concerns, and in collaboration with you facilitate curiosity about pivotal life events; and explore the possible causes of key themes staring back at you and I. This entails building an alliance that invites you into healthy self-confrontation which allows you to see “what currently is” regardless of how troubling it may appear. 

I will use methods that:

  • Target and interrupt routine thought patterns. 
  • Help you notice the deeper truths your emotions are communicating. 
  • Examine behaviors (both yours and others) and how you make meaning from these experiences.
  • Support you in growing your sense of self.
  • Work with you to determine what is possible for you to create the change you want to see. 

My approach promotes a more accurate picture of your experiences and reorganizes the mind/body/spirit connection so that you learn to do resiliency differently. I aim to see you become the best version of yourself. Someone healed and thriving in life, rather than living life in survival mode.