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Surviving Trauma and PTSD

Stephanie is hands down, with no hesitation, the kindest, honest, compassionate, and professional therapist I have worked with. I have always felt seen, heard, and understood by her.

For two-plus years, I’ve been seeing her on a regular basis. She has helped me become the woman I knew was inside me but didn’t know how to show up as.

Through working with her I have become more self-aware, thus able to create a filter system to work through challenging moments to reach a conclusion or decision. One of the many things I am MOST grateful for is the work she has done with me on how to handle P.T.S.D., which has impacted the way I’m able to move through my days at both home and work. 

Every area of my life has been positively impacted and benefited from working with Stephanie. From handling different types of relationships, my self-confidence, trauma, and more, Stephanie is phenomenal!  –S.B.

Healing Is A Therapy Journey

“Stephanie has been instrumental in my mental health journey. She has been an active, honest, and compassionate contributor to our sessions. She has encouraged me to see things from a different perspective and supported me in applying what I’ve learned in therapy to my life. I feel that Stephanie truly believes in me and my goals, and with her help I have seen a lot of progress in my mental health and life.” S.R.

New Perspective to Navigate Life

“Stephanie has been instrumental in helping me gain self awareness, set boundaries, and process life events in the most beneficial way for my mental and emotional well being. I have been forever transformed by the impact that she has made in my life. I cannot recommend her enough to someone that is navigating their way through life and would like the tools necessary to do so. Every session with Stephanie gave me a new perspective, and the progress I made is irreplaceable. I will forever be grateful for my time with Stephanie and the way that she helped me navigate life in a way that has taught me that I am capable, self-sufficient, and capable.” C.L.

Breaking Through Trauma To Find Peace of Mind

“For most of my life, I have been struggling with traumatic experiences, stress and depression that have all been plaguing my day-to-day life. Since working with Stephanie, I feel I have finally found a sense of balance in my life. Together, we have tackled issues and came up with effective tools that have helped me better tackle any anxieties I may come across in my everyday life. It is absolutely incredible to look back at all the progress we made in the past year alone!” J.A.

From Unwilling to "do the work" to Thriving.

“I had my first session with Stephanie around October of 2018 and I honestly just wasn’t ready to do the work . I started again in April of 2021. At that point I struggled daily with depression and anxiety ruled every moment of my life. I was in a very dark place. Stephanie has helped me to do a better job with remaining present and recognizing patterns of behavior that don’t serve me. I’m in a much better place when it comes to my mental health and I have her to thank for that. I would recommend her to anyone who is ready to take control of their life.“ –C.R.

Digging Deeper for Clarity.

“I have been seeing Stephanie for over 2 years now and I cannot tell you how many times I’ve openly recommended her. It took a lot of time for me to finally open up about my trauma, but she’s helped me learn so much about myself and be able to go day to day without constant frustration. She isn’t afraid to help you dig deeper and definitely will guide you in seeing things clearly. She is so supportive and uplifting and has been a big part of my growth. I have progressively lowered my stress and feel very happy more often.” -C.N.