ACCEPTED HEALTH INSURANCE: We accept Aetna, BlueCross/BlueShield of Texas, Cigna, and United Health Care (UHC) through Headway, a mental healthcare system. Pay less per session when you see an in-network therapist through Headway. If you are interested in using your insurance, please let me know and I will initiate the start of this process, on your behalf, with Headway or book here. **We only accept Aetna, BC/BS TX, Cigna, and United Health Care insurance plans via Headway.** 

OUT-OF-NETWORK HEALTH INSURANCE: We are an out-of-network mental health provider for all other health insurance plans. If you are a prospective client and would like to know whether your health insurance plan covers your therapy service, it is best to contact your provider directly. Various plans differ, so please check with yours regarding coverage and claim procedures for out-of-network services. A receipt with appropriate billing codes can be issued for client’s requiring a superbill.

Provided you have a health insurance plan, and the plan offers out-of-network coverage, you will pay the full session rate upfront, then submit a claim form with the receipt to your insurance company. The insurance company may apply the cost of each therapy session to your individual insurance deductible. Check with your insurance company. You will repeat this process after each session. 

Once your individual deductible is met, the plan’s coinsurance may cover a reasonable and customary amount specific to your plan, for the remainder of that calendar year, for each payment thereafter. (Note: this is not a guarantee, coverage must be verified by the insurance company for out-of-network benefits first – Please contact your insurance company directly for more information). Please also remember, insurance deductibles must be met annually. 

After you have met your individual deductible, you could end up paying less, because your coinsurance benefit may cover a portion of this cost after every visit for the remainder of the calendar year. Please also keep in mind, if you’ve met your individual deductible, due to other health care claims, your plan’s coinsurance may cover a portion of the cost sooner. Again, please check with your insurance company directly for specific plan details.

*Note: All couples therapy sessions are billed as out-of-network services. A receipt, which includes a diagnostic code and CPT code, is available for you to submit to your insurance provider for reimbursement.