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Becoming a Brave New You

Are you troubled by your thinking and your own complex nature? Are you emotionally wounded from past relationship trauma? Have you grown weary trying to cope with the stress and grief of everyday life? Do you feel lost or alone and can’t see your way through life’s headaches? A Better Me Wellness can help you address all aspects of your circumstances. We provide an intense and compassionate therapeutic space that makes change possible in your mental and emotional health. Your best life is within reach when you brave becoming a new you.

“Only the best in us, talks about the worst in us, because the worst in us, lies about it's own existence.”

-Dr. David Schnarch

What To Expect in Therapy

I will support you in moving beyond self-awareness and put an end to impaired thinking to improve your overall mental health.

see your patterns

Routine and flawed thinking; Knee jerk emotional reactions; self-destructive behaviors; ineffective and habitual coping strategies.


Identify the root cause of issues; See how you are wired to function in relationship with others; Address resistance and ambivalence. Healthy self-confrontation can lead to real change.

take action

Develop lasting change through expanding self-awareness, and make a personal choice to show up differently in your own life, for yourself first, and for those you hold dear.

MEET YOUR therapist

Stephanie R. Jordan, LPC

 “I am dedicated to speaking tough truths. I am warm, direct, and empowering. As I hold space for you, I hope that you will choose to move towards self-confrontation, learn to develop personal integrity, and grow in your sense of self. I believe that through a collaborative alliance with clients, healing can occur within the therapy process.”

client testimony

“Stephanie is hands down, with no hesitation, the kindest, honest, compassionate, and professional therapist I have worked with. I have always felt seen, heard, and understood by her.

For two-plus years, I’ve been seeing her on a regular basis. She has helped me become the woman I knew was inside me but didn’t know how to show up as.”

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We're A Good Fit If...

You want a therapist whose willing to talk straight and walk you into uncomfortable realities.

You are willing to face yourself with honesty, transparency, and openness.

You want a therapy that gets to the root of stuff that is sometimes hard to see.